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Our registered jobseekers prefer using because of our intuitive email marketing programme.

We regularly contact them with career advice and jobs information to ensure that we keep our database is up to date and our relationship with them two-way.

That means you can be sure we only contact committed and active candidates; whether you are searching our CV database, or emailing our registered users.

Contact us today to search our CV database.

Many recruiters and hiring managers prefer to search for the right candidate based on their own criteria.

Search candidates' CVs based on location, postcode, sector, job title and other keywords. Once you have completed a search you can save it under a group name and then choose from two alert methods.



CV alerts

When a CV matching a saved search is uploaded on the recruiter receives an instant email alert.

CV broadcasting

Recruiters are sent a daily list of all CVs matching their saved searches.

CV keyshots

A CV keyshot allows a recruiter to email 500 of the most recently uploaded or updated CVs by sector or region.

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