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Who will see my job advert?

Your job advert will be seen by sales professionals throughout the UK seeking opportunities across all industry has the highest traffic levels of any UK recruitment website exclusively for the construction sector.  Click here for further details.

How much does it cost to post a job?

For as little as £175 you can post a single plain text job or post multiple jobs from £105 using your credit card. Just follow the instructions available on

Alternatively, speak to an experienced Account Manager who will prepare a package including your company branding to suit your exact recruitment needs. You can also be introduced to CV searching and a range of other cost-effective solutions.

What makes a good job ad?

A good job advertisement will contain a clear job title which also explains the nature of employer involved. For example a 'Project Manager - Building Services' is more informative and appealing to jobseekers than a simple 'Project Manager' title. Make sure the sector you select when posting your advertisement also accurately reflects the job role - this will help attract the most experienced, specialised candidates to your role.  

Examples of sectors are geotech, water, oil/gas/power and residential. Selecting an accurate salary band will help ensure the right seniority of applicant. Finally, ensure that benefits and other positive aspects of the job role and employer are included in the job description.  A clear description of a great working environment, or perhaps an enriched training and development programme, can help 'sell' your vacancy to the very best candidates in the market.

Where do I go if I need help?

Recruiters using our Account Managed service should call 020 7572 4177. If you post directly using your credit card please contact 0800 8000 2000.

Why is better than its competitors? enjoys more traffic than any other construction recruitment website. On a monthly basis the site regularly enjoys over 50% of all relevant traffic. Perhaps more importantly, carefully manages traffic flow to ensure that all types of vacancies enjoy excellent visibility and response from well-matched candidates.

How do I get the best response from my ad?

To maximise response, ensure your advertisement is as complete as possible using the guidelines above. In addition to these actions you can also use traffic-driving services such as 'Recruiter of the Week', banners, Jobs by Email sponsorship, targeted emails and KeyShots to enhance your job's presence and encourage candidates to apply.   

Click here for further information or call our account managers on 020 7572 4177.

How can you make my job easier?

If you choose the account managed service, a account manager will personally manage the set-up of your account and monitor its ongoing success, making recommendations and adjustments to ensure results. Through the account managed service your company logo will appear alongside your vacancies and your company details will appear in the recruiter A-Z. Your account can also be augmented to include CV database searching and solutions from a whole range of employer branding and traffic-driving products.

How long will my job posting stay on the website?

Each vacancy is live on for 28 days from the day of posting.

What should I do if I forget my username and password?

Call the customer services team on 0800 8000 2000, who will be happy to help.

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