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Industry partnerships

National Engineering and Construction Recruitment Exhibition (NECR)


The NECR is the UK's largest event dedicated to engineering and construction recruitment at the NEC, Birmingham. Leading UK recruiters use the event to look for engineering and construction professionals and graduates of the highest calibre.

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The Construction Network (tCn)


tCn is an official partnership group of construction's leading and most influential organisations. The network is used to help 'bring the industry together', as well as acting as a vehicle to bring about real improvement at a time when it's needed most.

Representatives from architecture, consultanices, associations, contractors, developers, sub-constractors, suppliers, manufacturers, housing associations, local and national government, professional bodies and clients are coming together for the first time to share knowledge and expertise to ensure we attract the best possible people to construction so that they and the industry can prosper once again.

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The Lighthouse Club


The Lighthouse Club is known, recognised and regarded with respect and affection throughout every branch of the construction industry. The Club is an 'unincorporated unregistered body'. In other words it's a gathering or association of like-minded people. Membership is open to anyone associated with the construction industry. Other than payment of subscriptions, an individual member's involvement with the Club is as much as or as little as he or she chooses.

The Club is the best network in the industry. Active membership is not only fun and rewarding, it does open a lot of doors. Currently, membership in the UK and Ireland stands at 5,000 members, spread over 21 regional branches. The Club's branches organise over forty events in the course of any one year. These events involve the participation of about 20,000 construction people and in 2008, raised over £400k for the Club's Benelovent Fund. 

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myjobscotland is the national shared recruitment portal for Scotland's 32 local authorities, providing candidates with a one-stop shop for all local government jobs. Once set-up candidate accounts can be quickly used to apply for further jobs, making the whole process much easier, and quicker for the user. Other public sector bodies such as the fire and rescue have started to use the service also and other organisation are hoped to join as the system beds in. The portal is believed to be a UK and international first in terms of scope and scale, with many seeking to emulate it's success. The national shared recruitment portal was developed and delivered through a collaborative partnership under the auspices of the Scottish Government's National Shared Services Board with the service being provided to councils by COSLA. The Improvement Service led the development of the portal, working with the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives (SOLACE), the Society of Personnel Directors in Scotland (SPDS) and facilitating the initial collaboration all the local authorities.

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