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For the past six years, more construction jobseekers have visited and searched for jobs on than any other construction recruitment website.

Last month delivered 225,983 active jobseekers, who uploaded 4,260 CVs and generated 126,872 applications to our recruiters’ vacancies.

We know that the number of jobseekers visiting isn’t the only thing that’s important to our recruiters. We understand that delivering a quality response is crucial to measuring the success of any recruitment campaign so that’s why our annual traffic and response figures are audited by ABCe, demonstrating our commitment to transparency and consistency.

Diverse audience

Research carried out on has shown that its jobseeker audience reflects the rich diversity of UK jobseekers as a whole.

This is good news for both jobseekers and employers. Employers know that by advertising jobs on they are reaching a wide range of people from different backgrounds. Jobseekers can be assured that they are part of a wide and diverse community using to find work.

What does this mean for employers?

This means that you, as an employer, don't have to look any further than when you want to attract jobseekers from all backgrounds to ensure you have a truly representative workforce.

All employers should work towards eliminating discrimination and encourage diversity amongst their workforce. The aim should be to have a workforce that is representative of all sections of society.

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